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This is an integrated service that offers contemporary solutions to the coffee cooperatives subsector. Its component include:


This is a hybrid of an online based software and machine premised system that enables coffee cooperatives and unions to manage their business processes digitally.

For the co-operative societies it enables them to automate on operations like Farmers Management, Deliveries, HRM, Farmer Payroll, Inventory Management, Accounts and many more’

CoffeePro automates union operations like Booking, Classification, Liqouring, HRM, Deliveries, Dispatch, Milling, Inventory Management, Accounts and many more.

2-COFFEEKENYA is a website and an e-commerce platform that aims at enhancing the visibility of coffee cooperatives and facilitate trade with the international markets.

 Coffee cooperatives have in the past sold their coffee to the international markets through third parties mainly as green beans but they are also now roasting and adding value to their coffee at origin.

CoffeeKenya has been created to offer online marketing with the aim of seeking direct markets, old and new for green beans as well as roasted, value added coffee.

The site also has profiles of cooperatives which makes it easy to contact and do business with them.